Chameleon Ceremonies – Why a Chameleon?

The chameleon is a symbol of adaptation, who transforms, and adjusts itself with each role.

I chose the Chameleon for this reason to keep changing and doing something different for every ceremony I create.


The Spirit Animal

The chameleon symbolises sensitivity, gaining insight and to always be curious and resourceful.

Representing stability, insight, patience, determination, perception, curiosity and fearlessness.

The chameleon can thrive in whatever situation it finds itself in and adapts to the environment around.

The colour changes, highlights lifes  inconsistencies and the importance of being adaptable.

10 ways to live like a chameleon

  1. Observe – Always keep your eyes open and ask questions

  2. Listen – Take in all that you hear and process it

  3. Explore – Research the unknown

  4. Learn – Challenge yourself to learn

  5. Volunteer

  6. Be flexible – Don’t be rigid, do something new

  7. Organise – Don’t be busy, be productive

  8. Be positive – Always look on the bright side

  9. Seize an opportunity – When an opportunity presents itself- take it

  10. Be Happy

These are the qualities I apply to each and every ceremony created for every couple I meet.

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