Flowers Brides & Bouquets

Flowers  Brides & Bouquets Flowers add visual beauty and a touch of romance to a wedding, they have their own significance and meaning like a language they speak to you.   What would you choose and  why do Brides carry bouquets? A Bride carrying flowers or wearing garlands dates back to ancient Greek, Roman and READ MORE

Chameleon Ceremonies – Why a Chameleon?

The chameleon is a symbol of adaptation, who transforms, and adjusts itself with each role. I chose the Chameleon for this reason to keep changing and doing something different for every ceremony I create.   The Spirit Animal The chameleon symbolises sensitivity, gaining insight and to always be curious and resourceful. Representing stability, insight, patience, READ MORE

An interview with Geoffrey W Duffield .DPhil

Costume Designer “Without foundation there is no fashion” Dior An interview with  Geoffrey W Duffield .DPhil. Costume designer for television, film, theatre, ballet and opera.   How did you start with costume design, specifically in corsetry? I always had an interest in fashion,  I applied to various colleges and was accepted by the London College READ MORE

The Sagas of Vikings and Viking Weddings

The original Vikings hailed from Scandinavia – Norway, Sweden and Denmark and thrived between 8th – 11th centuries. The word Viking derived from the word “Vick” in old Norse which meant “small bay”. In the 9th century Scandinavians used the word to refer to their maritime expeditions. As they brought panic to Europe they became READ MORE

Ideas on How to have an Eco Friendly Wedding

Buy Ethical Wedding Rings – Look up ethical wedding jewelers Avoid single use papers and plastics for dishes and utensils Rent dishes and linens Donate or compost your flowers and food waste Get your flowers delivered in glass – Avoid floral foam Choose caterers that support local farmers Choose potted plants and succulents for décor READ MORE