What to look for when selecting the perfect wedding hairstyle

A few tips on selecting the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day or that special occasion

  1. Research
  2. Ask around
  3. Think about your dress
  4. Think about the weather
  5. Choose a realistic style for you and your hair type
  6. Book a hair trial
  7. Accessories
From Formal updos, stunning braided hairstyles to curls and waves.
Research – Do some research look in magazines, Pinterest, styling galleries for brides and formal styling to get ideas.
Ask around for recommendations for a stylist or ideas for styles, you may know a bride or 2 to ask about the process.

Think about your dress

Does it have a dramatic neckline, it may be backless, your dress may have a simple neckline or collar, will you wear a veil, a hat or accessory  that will determine what kind of style you may  want .
Consider the weather- and location- Is it an outdoor wedding, is it cold, hot, humid,  windy, rainy time of year.  Casual or formal.
A beach wedding you may want beachy waves, a formal wedding  you may want a formal updo. The weather may affect the type of style you may have.

Choose a realistic style for you

Consider your hair texture, thickness, length, you may want to add extensions for length and fullness.
This is where your stylist may be able to have ideas and suggestions for you.
Book a trial appointment-  or 2 this is in my opinion an important part of the process and is key in helping you choose a hairstyle  that is suitable for you, this is the time to experiment with your hair. Do you wear it up or down, waves or curls?
Will it match your veil, dress, hat etc.
Your hair trial appointment is the time to choose your style, not on your big day . This will also give you an idea of time needed for the day.
Accessories – Any accessory you may have brought, bring it along with you to see what works.
Eg: A veil, a hat, tiara .


Questions to ask before deciding on your wedding hair stylist.

  1. How much do you charge?
  2. Do you charge extra if you come to my venue?
  3. Do you offer a hair trial – is it included in the price or is it extra?
  4. Should I bring photos, pictures ,ideas?
  5. Will you also include my bridal party?
  6. Do you have any hair accessories?
  7. What hair preparation before our appointment? This includes washing your hair, or avoiding any products that may affect styling.
  8. Do you have a portfolio of past bridal or formal styles?
  9. Do you do make up?
  • Make sure you are clear on the price for you and your party
  • How many people there are for hair.
  • Have an estimate of time it will take per person.
  • Is there parking for you,  your party or your stylist at the location?
  • Whether it is at the salon, hotel or home.
  • Ask your stylist  or think  about a back up plan if your stylist is ill on the day.
  • Enjoy your special day
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