Celebrant Wedding Ceremonies

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your lives. It should be personal and ‘all about you’, the happy couple. Your ceremony is a big part of that, it should reflect your story and include elements that make it more meaningful.

Wedding ceremonies with a celebrant, allow you to have full control of all aspects of your ceremony.

Chameleon Ceremonies performs only one ceremony per day in order to give you the best experience possible. I work with couples to design personal ceremonies focused on your relationship and interests, making each ceremony truly original.

You may want specific vows, rituals, themes, poems and music or a unity ceremony can be included to make your ceremony more distinctive and intimate.

Prices from £800

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Handfasting ceremonies

Handfasting is an ancient Celtic, Pagan, Viking and Norse wedding custom, a historical term for betrothal or wedding by joining hands.

Traditionally, the term ‘handfasting’ refers to the ritual of handshaking to seal a contract, an agreement to live together as a couple.

A handfasting ceremony would be performed at sunrise or sunset where both the sun and the moon are present in the joining of the two lovers.

Other traditional ceremonies that can be incorporated include wine/mead ceremonies or unity candle ceremonies.

In modern practices, it is the act of wrapping a braided long length of cord or ribbon around the couples right hand to signify their bond or union the eternal joining of two people.

Handfasting can be a stand-alone ceremony, as an alternative to a marriage ceremony or can be integrated into a wedding, engagement, commitment, renewal of vows and naming ceremonies and is a great way to include your family, children and friends.

Handfasting can be performed in any location, however, most couples prefer a handfasting ceremony to be performed outdoors.

As an alternative celebrant, I write and perform a personal handfasting ceremony just for you.

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Unity Ceremonies

A unity ceremony is a symbolic ritual or element which can be incorporated into any ceremony for something intimate and memorable.

Unity ceremonies can be adapted for any occasion and requirement, and are a great way to incorporate family and friends.


Some popular unity ceremonies are;

Unity Candle Ceremony

The merging of two flames, lighting a new flame, representing the union of two people or the merging of two families.

Chocolate and Champagne Ceremony

This is the tasting of the bitter and the sweet. A taste of dark chocolate for the bitter and the taste of champagne for the sweetness represents the trials and tribulations of your relationship together.

wine ceremony


The binding together of hands as a symbolic act of unity using ribbon or cord. This is a very old Celtic/Pagan tradition.

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Lasso Ceremony

Lasso or “lazo” is a string of flowers or rope placed around the couple’s shoulders in the form of an 8 the symbol of infinity.

Meaning new beginnings and an everlasting union.


Wine Box Ceremony

This is a ceremony for wine lovers, the couple encloses a bottle of wine in a box to be opened at a later date on an anniversary or special occasion.

Love letters can be added or keepsakes, as a reminder of your special day when you open the box.

Ring Warming Ceremony

This ceremony is the opportunity for all your guests to be a part of your ceremony, as the couples’ rings are passed around to guests to hold and send their blessings, wishes and prayers as the rings are passed back to the couple.

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Wedding Vow Renewals

Would you like to renew your wedding vows or reaffirm your commitment to each other?

This is the ceremony for you both.

Vow renewal ceremony is a ceremony in which a couple can renew or reaffirm their marriage vows or commitment to each other.

A time to reflect on your relationship, to commemorate a love between a couple that has deepened through time.

You can choose to exchange the same vows or new vows can be said.

Vow renewals can take place anytime after your wedding, can be done to mark an anniversary, to reaffirm your commitment to each other or if you have married abroad and would like to celebrate with family and friends at home.

You can have any kind of celebration you want, additional elements can be added and performed at any location of your choice.

It can be the ceremony you never had.

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Other Ceremonies
There are many amazing weddings and occasions to celebrate.

Below is a list of different ceremonies that I can perform for you;

Gothic wedding – something dark and romantic.
Heavy metal and punk music themed weddings – something with an edge.
Commitment ceremonies – the public affirmation of commitment to one another.
Engagements – the beginning of your commitment to each other and coming together of families.
Naming ceremonies – a formal naming or blessing of a new life usually for children but can be for families and all.
Blessings – the affirmation of positiveness, cleansing, praise and good wishes.

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