Ideas on How to have an Eco Friendly Wedding

  • Buy Ethical Wedding Rings – Look up ethical wedding jewelers
  • Avoid single use papers and plastics for dishes and utensils
  • Rent dishes and linens
  • Donate or compost your flowers and food waste
  • Get your flowers delivered in glass – Avoid floral foam
  • Choose caterers that support local farmers
  • Choose potted plants and succulents for décor
  • Buy Wedding Invitations from Eco-conscious brands
  • Print your own invitations on biodegradable plantable paper
  • Or skip paper invitations entirely go entirely Digital
  • Look for sustainable Wedding Attire
  • Wear a second hand or vintage Wedding Dress
  • Choose a location close to you
  • Cut down on transportation needs to and from your Wedding
  • Reuse Décor elements throughout your day
  • Choose Wedding Décor Items you’ll actually want in your home
  • Choose kegs over bottles at the bar
  • Cut out the balloons and floating lanterns
  • Ditch the sparklers and opt for Biodegradable Confetti
  • Only invest in Favours people will take and use
  • Register for Non Tangible Items as Gifts – like Gift Cards, Honeymoon Experiences, Money towards your honey moon.

Link-   Catalyst wedding  co  -to find inclusive wedding vendors

Recycled clothing for the Fashion conscious

Instagram –ewaapparel

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